From Village to a ₹6.5k/Month Salary to a Dream Remote Job

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This story is unlike any other story you’ve heard before. Burhan comes from a village near Udaipur. He started his career by being unable to a job for 1 year after college. From there he starts with a job that paid him ₹6.5k/month, slowly grew it by switching companies until he got a lifechanging opportunity to work at a remote startup.

Today, Burhan is a mobile development consultant, a Google Developer Expert and a teacher at Effective Flutter Dev where he teaches junior Flutter developers how to grow in their careers –

In this interview, Burhan shares his career story, exactly how he got his remote job and his advice for others who want to replicate his success. If you are feeling stuck in your career, I’m confident that listening to Burhan’s story will give you the motivation to keep upskilling yourself. Join Burhan’s live classes for Flutter developers: • Effective Flutter Dev –

? Uncover Rashid’s profound insights, glean from his experiences, and navigate the dynamic tech landscape with us. ?

✨ Sneak Peek:

  • Salary journey: From a modest ₹6.5k/month to lucrative remote opportunities, Rashid’s path showcases resilience in today’s tech landscape.
  • Overcoming rural challenges: Despite village roots, Rashid leveraged his upbringing for inspiration in his tech journey.
  • Self-learning: Rashid’s journey underscores the power of continuous education. Dive into his book recommendations and insights.
  • Project crafting: Discover Rashid’s strategic project-building and marketing tips for maximum impact.
  • Transitioning to teaching: Learn Rashid’s journey from practitioner to educator, sharing his tech passion with learners.
  • Leveraging Stack Overflow: Gain insights into Rashid’s tactics for growth as a developer.
  • Blogging: Explore Rashid’s strategies for engaging content creation.
  • Navigating career challenges: Rashid offers expert advice for career crossroads, providing invaluable guidance.
  • Open-source projecs: Rashid shares insights on managing successful projects, offering lessons for contributors.

?️ Let’s kick off the conversation with the incredible Burhan Rashid! ?️

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