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Refactor- Improve the design of existing codebase

Author: Martin Fowler We often hear this term in the software industry that “Don’t change anything if it works” which is so not true. This book provides all the reasons why it’s not true and why there is a need for refactoring even though everything is working fine. It also filled with a ton of tips and techniques on how can we do refactoring while preserving the existing behavior of the system. One of the biggest reasons which I feel

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Working Effectively with Legacy Code

Author: Michael C. Feather This book changed my perception of how important is to write tests. By book definition, legacy code is nothing but a code without a test. The majority of software companies don’t consider writing test is not useful. So here is a thing about testing. You will see the benefits of the test only when you write it. This book provides tons of technics to bring the class under test. Some of the favorite chapter’s title is1.

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Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Author: Robert C. Martin , Website Filled with the knowledge of 40 years of software development experience. Must read for software developers. This book teaches us any person can write code. But it requires special skills, discipline, and craftsmanship to write clean and readable code for other developers. Take aways Meaningful names. Function should only do one thing. And do it well. Get it from amazon.

Manually Generate apk using Github Actions

Have you been in a situation where you want to test a feature from a specific branch? But you don’t have an environment set up in the local? Or you are out somewhere and don’t have access to your PC? Or your client/QA is pinging you all the time to provide APK with specific configuration and features? In this blog, we will talk about how we can solve above problems by manually generating APK using Github actions. So Let’s get

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Testing in Flutter: Mobile Z-days

If you are struggling to write tests for legacy codebase in a flutter then yesterday I talked about “Testing in Flutter” for legacy codebase at Mobile Z-days. The more features your flutter app has, the harder it is to test manually. Automated tests help ensure that your app performs correctly before you publish it while retaining your feature and bug-fix velocity. Writing these tests for your Flutter app can help you create a resilient and bug-free code. In this talk,

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Getting started with Firebase emulators suite for Android

Do you know a friend/colleague who tests their application directly in the production environment? Yeah, that’s a bad practice. We should have a local or staging environment where we test our code before we push to the production. That’s where the Firebase emulator comes into the picture. Firebase emulator is a tool that helps us to test various firebase services in our local environment altogether. What is Firebase Emulator? According to the official documentation The Firebase Local Emulator Suite consists

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Enhance your skill and career using the power of Open source: DevSangamam Day 3

#DevSangamam The word Sangamam means confluence in Tamil. Building on this, DevSangamam is a conference, catering to the Developer community of Tamil Nadu & India. “Sangamam” expresses the essence of the conference and gives the regional touch to it.

Enhance your skill and career using the power of Open source: Flutter Ahmedabad

Do you want to enhance your skills? Have you always wondered how developers manage to build/maintain many popular open-source libraries while still doing their regular day job? Have you always had the feeling that you would never be able to do that? Well, the truth is – you can do it too through open source. So this talk will be focused around motivation for how you can start developing open source projects and what it takes to build/maintain one and

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It’s okay to Not Be Productive during the pandemic.

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. In this pandemic situation, we are constantly fetching information from news channels and social media. My Family talks about this pandemic so much that my two-year-old son has learned a new word, “Corona”. This proves that we are in a difficult and scary situation. We are constantly worried about our job, business, and loved ones. In my social media feed, I am continuously getting these kinds of tweets and

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Aspect Ratio Example

This sample app demonstrate that how to maintain Aspect Ratio of view in Staggered Layout using Constraint Layout.We have taken the Pinterest Android app home page example where they show all the images in staggered layout

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