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Shoe Dog – Phil Knight

Author :  Phil Knight An amazing journey of entrepreneur Phil Knight who started his journey of Nike, which back in days was called Blue Ribbon, started from selling shoes door to door in a trunk car to turning into a business which is $23.26 billion worth in 2021. It started all with a simple passion for running on how to make it better with the innovating thinking of Bowerman. The whole journey is filled with challenges, starting from cracking the

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Turning 30

Life is short and unpredictable. If you go with data on the average human life span, I am almost halfway there ?. Last month I turned 29 as per the Georgian calendar. Georgian and Hijri calendars have a 1-year gap every 30 years. But here I am, happy to be called a 30-year-old as per Hijri’s calendar.? In these 29/30 years, One thing I did consistently is, doing a lot of mistakes and learning from them. This way I’ve learned

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Git Pro

Initially, I was struggling to understand git. How it’s work and why it behaves like this? I knew a few git commands pull, push, commit, and fetch to get my work done. This book covers all the topics. Starting from a basic concept like “How git snapshot works” to a more advanced concept like “Working of git internals”. Understand git internals also helped me to understand how Tree and LinkedList data structures are useful in the real world. Still, there

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Soft Skills : The Software developer life’s manual

Author:  John Sonmez I heard about this book in the fragmented podcast on the top 10 books every developer should read. The first chapter is an answer to the most FAQ on how to build or pursue your career. How should you plan your career. How to build your brand and identity. The author also explains how to go beyond a developer mindset to a business mindset. To start with think or treat your current company as your business client,

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Creating a habit: Reading Books

This year 2020, I tweeted about my reading. Many people reach out and asked me “How did you pull this off? “. Since I like the DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle I thought of putting this into a blog post so I don’t have to repeat myself ? Let’s get started. How I started reading books I was one of those kids who loves to read comics. My parents brought me one comic book of Chacha Chaudhary while visiting Udaipur. We

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Testing in Flutter: DevDay December 2020

The more features your Flutter app has, the harder it becomes to test it manually. Automated tests ensure that your app performs correctly before you publish it. Writing these tests for your Flutter app can help create a sturdy, bug-free code. In this talk, we will look at unit, integration, and widget testing in Flutter in a live demo while discussing various trade-offs between different kinds of testing. We will also look into multiple continuous integration (CI) services that are

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Remote: Office Not Required

Authors: David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried The book mention all the pros and cons of working remotely and try to answers all arguments against remote work. It also provides a lot of ways a company or individual can embrace remote work at its best. Remote work basically comes down to the tradeoff you want with your freedom, flexibility, and own working style. Remote work is the future as the books say in the conclusion that “First they ignore you,

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Clean Architecture

Author: Robert C. Martin and Website First of all, let me clear this, This book is not about following some specific patterns like MVP, MVC, MVVP or MVI. This is more about how to architect and dividing the responsibility in a way where they change for the same reason. The major skills to master as an architect is where to draw boundary lines and managing dependencies. Clean Architecture is nothing but a structure that is very easy to change and

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Zero To One

Summary Author: Peter Thiel Few great points to have a successful product. Your product should be unique. If it’s not unique then your product should be 10x better than the existing one. Go for monopoly. Get it from amazon.

The Pragmatic Programmer

Authors: Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, Website This book gave a lot of insight into how to be pragmatic while developing any software. The books put more effort into the DRY principle. If anything is repetitive then try to extract in some function, class, or module. They went beyond code with the DRY principle that if some task/work is repetitive then try to automate and save time for yourself to focus on some other better stuff. They’ve also provided tips

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