I am a Software Craftsman and Open-source enthusiast from India and Google Developer Expert in Flutter.

Currently working at Sahaj, Pune. I have been working on Android and Kotlin from the past 4 years and Exploring Flutter as well. I am movie freak and big-time Marvel and Game of Throne (I was :D) fan. I try to learn and share my knowledge by writing blogs or speaking at conferences.


–  Software craftsmanship, I am on a never-ending journey towards mastery of software development.
–  Agile software development is the ideal process, especially when tailored to a company’s strengths.
– Developers perform best when they’re happy, challenged, consistently learning, appreciated and held accountable.
– Stakeholder feedback and involvement is important to a product’s success.
– Learning as a lifestyle
– Create value by sharing knowledge


– Object-oriented analysis, design, and programming
– Clean code practices
– SOLID principles
– Agile development
– Software craftsmanship
– Test-driven development
– Code review
– Pair programming

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, ideas or even if you just want to say hi. If you’re in the Pune, India, please send me an email and I’ll do my best to meet up with you for some coffee or lunch.

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